Hello, welcome!

This is the application form to join IYC 2022 in Italy. The applications are open from 7th Feb to the 21st Feb 18:00 CET. After February 21st, you can still apply, however, then it is back to the old ‘first come first serve’.

We decided to stick with the same drawing system as last year, which means that if you apply before the 21st of February you have the same chance of getting in as everyone else. We are going to do the drawing right after the applications close and divide you into smaller groups. This enables us to let you know right up front whether you are part of a bigger group who joins the camp in its regular size, or whether you are part of a smaller group who will be able to join even if we have to make camp smaller due to some unexpected Covid-19 restrictions.

In the week after the draw, you will get an email indicating whether you can join IYC 2022 and which group you are in so that you can get properly excited and ready!

Read the terms and conditions here before filling in the form.